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M.J. Schiehl & Associates, Inc. (the Company) was formed and chartered in Louisiana in 1978 by Mike Schiehl upon his retirement from the US Coast Guard. Mike's duties with the Coast Guard, in the eight (8) years preceding his retirement, were in multi-disciplined assignments in Marine Safety. Those assignments included New Construction of ships and barges, investigation of marine accidents, plan review of small passenger vessels and four (4) years as the Supervisor of the Port of Baton Rouge Detachment. That assignment entailed any and all Marine Safety inspections and Coast Guard duties in the port. In 1990 the Company merged with a Houston based claims company. Mike continued to manage the surveying activities until 1995 when he re-purchased the Company and chartered it in Alabama under the original name. Mike Schiehl has been continuously and actively involved as the principal surveyor since 1978.

As the Company's President, Mike Schiehl's professional associations include the National Association of Marine Surveyors (certified member since 1984), the Marine Surveyors Guild (past President two years) and the Society of Naval Architects and Marine Engineers (Associate Member).

M.J. Schiehl & Associates, Inc. employs several Marine Surveyors and has contracting agreements with several Marine Surveyors in specialty disciplines and beyond the geographic area of its usual business. The home office is located on the Gulf Intracoastal Waterway in Orange Beach, Alabama midway between Mobile, Alabama and Pensacola, Florida. The Baton Rouge and New Orleans assignments are normally handled by the Company's surveyors in the Hammond, Louisiana area.

The primary disciplines of the company are Inland Marine and Yachts and Small Craft. The services provided within these disciplines are broad ranging from New Construction to Salvage disposal. The main emphases are; consulting in regulatory matters; claims investigation; accident reconstruction; repair specifications and supervision; salvage plans and salvage operations oversight; Non-Destructive testing; and services related to charter hires and condition and value surveys. Numerous pleasure craft owners and buyers, Inland Marine companies and underwriters use the services of M.J. Schiehl & Associates, Inc. in the course of their marine operations.

While primarily working in the North Gulf of Mexico area (Panama City to Houston), Mike Schiehl frequently travels throughout North and South America on assignment.

Richard Schiehl (NAMS-CMS) joined the company in 1996 as the specialist in Yachts and Small Craft. Richard has worked for the company intermittently since the late 1970's before acquiring his Bachelors Degree in Electronics Engineering Technology. He completed the Chapman School of Marine Surveying in 1997 and regularly attends specialty courses related to his discipline as part of a company sponsored ongoing continuing education program. His professional expertise and attention to detail has brought him recognition throughout the Southeast among buyers, sellers and underwriters. His services are sought by prospective buyers throughout the United States and its territories.

Jim Graves brings a wealth of experience and knowledge of Inland Marine Equipment, and its maintenance and repair to the Company's Inland Marine disciplines. He enjoys 20 plus years in the business.

This closely held company owes its success to the quality of its work product, the experience and quality of the people that it employs and our motto "we can take care of it" so you can get on with your other business. We understand that the sooner we can take your problem off your desk, the sooner you can concentrate on other matters. That premise is facilitated by 24/7 availability through office numbers, cell phones and the internet.

This WEB site and its links are part of the continual updating of the Company's profile and your access to its services. We are now able to provide complete paperless reports with photos and invoices through email service. This service is generally same-day and often within hours of completing the assignment.

The company provides the following services to the Inland Marine Industry and Yachts and Small Craft disciplines:

  • Ultrasonic Testing (Certified Level I and II)
  • Damage Surveys
  • Condition and Value Surveys
  • Charter Hire (On/Off) Surveys
  • Loss Control Services
  • Casualty Management Services
  • Expert Witness Services
  • Accident Investigation
  • Insurance Claims Work
  • Radiometric Thermal Imaging
  • Marine Corrosion Surveys - ABYC Certified

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