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When a vessel sinks or founders, salvage of the hull must be attended to. In the case of barges, most sink while laden. Provisions must be made for removing the cargo prior to salvage. Often, the exact location of the submerged vessel is not known and the vessel must be located before any salvage efforts can be undertaken. Consideration must be given to where the wreck lies.

  • Is it in navigable waters?
  • Is it in a shipping channel or lane?
  • Are markers needed or required?
  • What hazard does it pose to the environment and/or shipping?
  • What agencies need to be notified?
  • Who and where are the best resources to mitigate the accident and affect the salvage?

M.J. Schiehl & Associates has been instrumental in managing numerous vessel losses during the past 25 years. The Company knows the resources and can answer all the questions arising from such a loss. The Company can prepare the salvage plans required by the Coast Guard. Knowledge of the available  resources and their capabilities is essential to a successful salvage at a fair cost. Knowledge of what works and what doesn't is essential in selecting a salvor and evaluating his resources. Knowing the possible impact on the environment and how to prepare and deal with environmental issues is  required to manage a successful salvage.

M.J. Schiehl & Associates, Inc. is the one number to call when you have a substantial marine loss. Your underwriter may have already called us, but if  that's not the case, you need someone to represent your interests and assist with the mitigation. Your underwriter will generally not provide those services.


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